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  • Enchanters Nightshade Magourney Gardens by Alex

    12. Closing

    Finishing and drawing the event to a close.

    By Plant Medicine School

    Returning ...

    Now is a good time for feedback from the group, and again, we advise doing this in a round-robin manner. The Wandering is when Nature can reach out and communicate on a very intimate and inspirational level. This may be too private or nonverbal to communicate to the group, so there is no onus to share. One may simply pass on that aspect and keep the feedback to the exercises that were intended to work on developing the awareness of the participant. This final circle is time to ensure all have been heard that wish to be, and it's important to allow the circle to fall into silence together if it wishes. 


    It is essential to gather oneself and close the sacred space, returning to the type of consciousness required for one's next activities.


    Closing the circle ...

    can be similar to the opening but reversing the directions.


    For example:

    • We focus on the North, the land of the broad night sky, the beautiful spirit of water, understanding and surrender; we bow to you.
    • We focus on the West, the land of the setting sun, the beautiful spirit of earth, healthy manifestation and being. We bow to you.
    • We focus on the South, the land of the noon-day sun, the beautiful spirit of fire, passion and power; we bow to you.
    • We focus on the East, the land of the rising sun, the beautiful spirit of air, wisdom and love; we bow to you.
    • We return to the centre, the land of spirit ether and vitality, clarity and source.
    • All in the lower world, the middle world and the upper world. The ancients and ancestors, the brother and sisters, the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets, and all through the multiverse in service with the one.
    • We thank you and honour you, beautiful spirits of love. As we close our circle and return to our ordinary lives, please guide, guard and protect us until we gather in the circle together again.


    Closing video

    The video will be posted shortly.



    Nature Resonance Medicine 

    Facilitators - Becoming centred and present again in the pace and the gestalt and laying down the rein of Nature Healing Ally in gratitude.

    Participants - Being aware of themselves and becoming aware of leaving this group in gratitude.




    Facilitators - Making sure that all the participants have been witnessed and are happy to finish the event with no issues requiring attention. 

    Participants - Preparing to close one's aura, drawing one's consciousness and awareness close to oneself in preparation for leaving that gestalt of this group and returning to one's sense of normality. 



    More material will be posted here shortly…





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