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  • Wandering the River Bank - Grá Nádúr by Alex

    11. Wandering

    Letting nature take you where it wants you to go ... 

    By Plant Medicine School

    Wandering - Using awareness of the breath and the body scan to really focus the inner consciousness and become aware of oneself from the inside, feeling the tone, frequency, and hum of the various parts of oneself, ask your inner innocence to come now and facilitate this connection, in pure simplicity.


    By breathing slowly, relaxing and moving slowly, focus on being present. Become aware of one's thoughts and emotions and gradually develop acceptance, allowing one to just Be in this moment.

    Now wander around using your senses and make yourself aware and available to the natural beings around you, the plants, insects, animals, and elements and see which plant wants to connect with you. In connection, practice receptivity and realise that there is no set way to receive the resonance from the plants, it may be non-verbal, impressions, memories or inspirations or a mixture of all of these things and more.

    The main point is to be in stillness and listen with all of one's awareness, contemplating the shape, colour and movement of the plant is a great way to move into a coherent resonance.



    Accept the invitation to connect, it may be very subtle or not, just let yourself play this game and move into a receptive frame of being, gently listening with all your senses, inner and outer. Accept what impression may come in whatever shape or form and respond too if you wish. Ask questions too, which is very important, and shape meaningful questions for both parties.


    Video will be posted shortly.


    More material will be posted here shortly…



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