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  • Fern in Grá Nádúr by Alex

    10. Loving Appreciation

    Learning how to express love and appreciation

    By Plant Medicine School

    Loving Appreciation with the conscious sensory acuity that you have become aware of and with your heart field perception now conscious, allow yourself to wander and a plant to call you.


    Give the plant some loving appreciation- in words or non-verbally, as you notice its strength, beauty, its character and meaning. Approach with a willingness to listen, to sense and feel what the plant has to communicate and give them plenty of appreciation and attention. When you have finished, thank them and move away.

    Some people find that they may perceive more if they draw the plant or scribble down their impressions. Impressions may come as a sense, as words, as a memory, an emotional tone, a colour- by having your innocent child present with you in this process, we move from the reductive left-brain mentality to a more heart centred, whole body capacity to perceive and appreciate and use the language of the imaginal realm.


    Video will be posted shortly.


    More material will be posted here shortly…



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