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    08. The Senses

    We have both outer and inner senses.

    By Plant Medicine School

    Experiencing the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste in various ways, taking a few minutes with each sense.


    Really notice what you are experiencing, and note and express your experiences. Contemplate the way they work, how they bring the outer into us. Share with the group what it was one sensed, developing ways to describe them.

    Facilitate in a round-robin manner.

    Some ideas......

    • Sight - colour, texture, movement, light and shadow, vitality-what else?
    • Sounds - nearby and further away- birds and different ones, insects, the wind, water flowing, the breeze through trees, waves-what else?
    • Touch - hot and cold, texture, sharp and smooth, furry, moisture-what else
    • Smell - rain on soil, soil, leaves, flowers-what else?
    • Taste - green, woody, bitter, sour, sweet, salty, umami, chalky, pleasant, challenging-what else?


    Other senses-balance, time, proprioception, interoception

    Now concentrate on each of them in turn and notice how they are inside of us, each of them may be imagined within us, even for a fleeting moment. Again take a few minutes with each sense and maybe share with the group what one imagined. Facilitate in a round-robin manner.

    This is opening the door to inner qualities, and in that way, we may learn to sense the inner world of the Nature around us.

    The more we practice developing our sensory acuity the more we develop the lexicon or library of our inner sensing which enriches our capacity to perceive and become aware.

    Nature Resonance Medicine – Becoming aware of our perceptions


    Video will be posted shortly


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