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  • An Erratic in the Burren by Alex

    06. Embodiment

    Becoming conscious of our body, how it feels, its qualities, relaxed or tense .

    By Plant Medicine School

    Embodiment-Scanning the whole body to notice tensions and encourage them to relax consciously.


    Continuing to breathe, we will work through the body noticing tensions and encouraging them to relax. There is no need to force this. If an area feels tense, then focus on the tension with the in-breath and with the out-breath, relax it, but do not worry if some tensions are not ready to let go.

    Move your awareness to the muscles of your body and really feel into them and notice what it is like to be the muscle. Do the same with your organs when relaxing the abdomen, the body really appreciates the attention, and with practice, you will be able to feel the energies of the life force moving with your attention, regenerating and revitalising your body.

    Starting with the head. If you wish, place your hands on the scalp and breathe out, allow it to relax.

    Now move your focus to your forehead, your eyes and the muscles around your eyes and allow the eyes to clear from all the visual input we experience. The ears and all the sounds we are bombarded with. The cheeks, the nose, the mouth and the jaw. You might want to stretch your jaw and may find yourself yawning or sighing with the release of the tension. Now focus on the brain and encourage it to allow the thoughts to relax.

    Moving down to the neck, how are the joints of the spine, the muscles, the throat and the vocal cords? If you need to stretch the head forward or backwards or from side to side, out to the shoulders and maybe a few shrugs or rotations. Working down the arms to the wrists and hands- you may want to shake out some of the tensions. And become aware of the energy centres in the palms of the hand, which allow our heart energy to flow into the world.

    Coming back up to the shoulders and working down the back from the neck to the end of the tail bone. Working down the front of the body, checking in with the pectoral muscles, the diaphragm again, and the abdominal muscles.

    Now focus on the pelvic cradle, out to the hips and then the backside muscles. Focus on the legs- the thigh muscles, the knee joints, the shins, the calves, the ankles. Checking in with the feet- how are the tops of the feet, what about the heels, the arches, the balls and then the toes. Become aware of the energy centres in the soles of the feet that allow our energy to flow down to the Earth and the Earth's energy to flow up and fill us.


    Remember a time when you were a small child out in nature and enchanted maybe by the clouds, the songs of the birds, some beautiful flowers, a rock pool, a babbling brook, some butterflies or a patch of moss. The way a small child can allow themselves to gaze with awe and wonder and see things with the eyes that look into the imaginal realm.

    Finally, take a few breaths as you move your focus back up the body to see if any tensions are ready to relax.

    Then open your eyes and focus back into the circle or place where you are.

    Extra exercises:

    Lie on the Earth and connect, releasing your tensions to the Earth, intending this energy to be useful compost for Nature to recycle. (Or sit or lie on your couch or bed, and imagine the Earth below you.) Deepen this practice until the surrender of all your tension is achieved.

    Nature Resonance Medicine – Becoming aware of one's own body and connection with the earth.



    So practice becoming aware and conscious of your body, bit by bit, feeling into it and consciously relaxing each muscle.  Make it your own. Relax your breathing and then your body, and then enjoy the sensation of your whole body in the calm. 


    This prepares you to do the conscious Movement exercises in the next section. 


    More material will be posted here shortly…





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    More material will be posted here shortly…




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