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    05. The Breath of Life

    Taking time to calm the breath. 



    By Plant Medicine School

    Breathing is perhaps the most fundamental element of our life support system. 

    Bring your attention to your breathing, and notice the rate and the depth. Take 3 or 4 breaths noticing the rhythm. You can encourage your breath to move down to meet your hands by placing your hands on your lower abdomen. There is no need to force the breathing rate to slow down or deepen. Just become aware of it.

    Breathing in through the nose allows your breath to slow to a calm rhythm. Breathing out through the mouth can help a deeper release, but if participants are more comfortable with the in and out breath through the nose, that is ok. Encourage them to notice any natural pauses in the breath cycle- either a pause between the in-breath and out-breath or a pause after breathing out before the next in-breath is taken.

    Placing your hands over the heart space, focus on how the heart calms as your breathing relaxes, and this helps to release tensions in the body.

    As one breathes like this, the breath slows down to a more natural rhythm, focusing the awareness on the breathing and releasing tension. Deepen the practice of understanding the breath and allow yourself to breathe naturally.

    Practise relaxing your breathing regularly and notice how this creates calm in the emotional state and prepares one to become aware of one's body in our next section. 


    Breathing video




    Nature Resonance Medicine 

    Facilitators - Calm, relaxed breathing brings calm and will alleviate anxiety one may be feeling about facilitating the group. 

    Participants - Calm, relaxed breathing brings a calm, emotional body. 




    Facilitators - Becoming aware of one's breath and completely relaxing the in and out breath with whatever pause is comfortable for you and learning how to speak this out as one is doing too. Practise this by yourself before the event, record it on your phone or your computer and listen to it objectively. If the facilitators achieve a calm state, it encourages the others in the group to do so, too, by resonance.  

    Participants - Developing awareness of one's breathing and learning to relax the in-breath and out-breath with the most comfortable pause for you. 





    More material will be posted here shortly…






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