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  • Cowslips in the Burren by Alex

    04. Opening

    The opening to these events is important for setting the scene and honouring our fellow beings in Nature

    By Plant Medicine School

    Opening Ceremony 

    The opening ceremony helps to ground and gather people in the circle and establish a community. It also sets the boundaries and intentions for the event.

    It is a good practice of psychic hygiene, so smudging, brushing down with limpa or spraying with cleansing waters/oils is the first step.

    We then speak the words of an opening that helps orientate people to the directions and the place where they are.
    Acknowledging Nature and Life is sacred, and expressing gratitude too. Finding the way to honour the Circle of Life in a way that suits you, maybe the directions, the seasons, the elements or whatever one feels is right for you.
    You may like to add to the directions with the names of the nearest hills/woods/rivers or whatever to centre in your bioregion.

    For example:

    • We gather in gratitude with love arising.
    • We focus on the East (looking towards Laraheen Hill), to the land of the rising sun, the beautiful spirit of air, wisdom and love,  and we bow to you.
    • We focus on the South (looking towards Balingary Woods), to the land of the noon-day sun, the beautiful spirit of fire, passion and power; we bow to you.
    • We focus on the West (looking towards Kilmicheal Hill), to the land of the setting sun, the beautiful spirit of earth, healthy manifestation and being; we bow to you.
    • We focus on the North (looking towards Croghan Mountain), to the land of the broad night sky, the beautiful spirit of water, understanding and surrender; we bow to you.
    • We return to the centre, the land of spirit, ether and vitality, clarity and source.
    • We honour all beings of the lower, middle, and upper world. The ancients and ancestors, the brother and sisters, the sun, the moons, the stars and the planets, and all through the universe in service with the one, we ask you to guide and protect us in our quest to connect with and serve nature and the beautiful spirits of love.



    Nature Resonance Medicine 

    Facilitators - Becoming centred and present in the pace and the gestalt and taking up the rein of Nature Healing Ally

    Participants - Ariving in themselves and becoming aware of the group, and tuning in to the Nature Healing Ally who is guiding the event. 




    Facilitators -Design and learn the words of the opening you wish to perform and find local places in each direction, like forests, rivers or mountains; google maps are helpful. 

    Participants - Face the directions and give attention to the opening, forming the connection and intention to experience Nature within this event. 


    Video will be posted shortly.

    More material will be posted here shortly…




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