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    02. Facilitators and participants

    How does one facilitate a Nature Resonance Medicine event and what are the guidelines for participation? 

    By Plant Medicine School 5 mins

    5 mins

    To facilitate a Nature Resonance Medicine event ...

    one needs to have a degree of proficiency in the sequence of exercises. One needs to be fluent with each stage of the sequence and its role or purpose so that the event flows.

    Take the opportunity to visit the place that you are planning to have the event and ask permission of the nature beings and a sense of which trees and other beings are happy to engage with the group you are bringing.

    It is best to have at least two people facilitating a group doing this work; one leading the group through the exercises and one who is noticing anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or unclear on the exercises to give them some encouragement and further instruction or if needs be take them aside to recentre themselves.

    Both facilitators need to be fluent and experienced in the exercises before trying to lead a group.

    Encourage the group to work in silence except for when feedback is being given. Since most of the communications from the rest of nature are non-verbal we are more able to perceive them when engaging our own non-verbal intelligence and perception capacities. Talking distracts from the ability to develop the necessary awareness and consciousness.

    Linear thinking and language are more associated with the triune brain. In order to access information gleaned from heart perception (and gut perception), in order to develop our other modes of perception– do not dialogue!  In other words, do the work in silence.



    Feedback ...

    should be given in a round-robin format rather than popcorn to make sure  everyone gets a turn and no one dominates the space. Since the experiences are often from a non-verbal place of perception people may have difficulty expressing exactly what they have perceived or felt.

    It is good to explain the difference between perception and projection before starting.



    Nature Resonance Medicine 

    Facilitators - Becoming aware of the group's consciousness and observing individual participation in order to assist the experiential process builds the collective gestalt. 

    Participants - Developing awareness of oneself and of one's effect within the group builds the qualities of the collective gestalt. 




    Facilitators - Prepare simple and clear explanations and instructions for each exercise and practice the talk-throughs given during the various exercises. 

    Participants - Practice deep listening to the Nature Healing Ally or facilitator and give one's full attention to carrying out the instructions and observing the effect it has upon one's state of being. 




    More material will be posted here shortly…








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