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    Grá Nádúr - Nature's Love

    Natural Wisdom is to be found in the sacred ordinary and is available to all who seek. 

    By Alex Duffy 5 mins

    5 mins

    Returning to our Nature


    Nature Resonance Medicine and The Way of Life (Bealeach na Fíos) vocational apprenticeship has evolved over many years and come to fruit in the partnership of Alex Duffy and Nikki Darrell. Both bring their individual wisdom developed over a lifetime of experience and their profound love and connection with Nature. Their moving into eldership is about the responsibilities to help guide our people on our land into right relationship with our Nature in these turbulent times. 


    So Nikki and Alex met, several years ago, to discuss working together on Nature connection courses and decided that this partnership was meant to be. They originated The Plant Medicine School amalgamating their work and developed the Nature Resonance Medicine course for training Nature Healing Allies as a first step. The dreaming together of the Bean and the Fear Feasa has manifested The Way of Life vocational apprenticeship as another step along this path. 


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