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    Nature Resonance Medicine - Zoom Event

    Our first inter-school Nature Resonance Medicine - Zoom Event

    By Plant Medicine School 5 mins

    5 mins

    At this time of year, we are still very much in the cave hibernating, but the first inklings of spring are hinting. With this online event, we are, for the first time inviting all school students and team members to join together in a Nature Resonance Medicine event.

    This is an online event lasting 2 hours. All you need to participate is either access to an outdoor space for 30 minutes at about 3.30, or a houseplant you can communicate with or else a cup of herb tea.

    We will start with 10 minutes of school news. We will then step into the NRM sequence.

    Drumming and relaxation for 10-15 minutes; a reminder of the slow movement sensory acuity and heart resonance steps before getting you all to either go out or do these in your space for 30 minutes.

    When we all come back into the circle, we go into break-out rooms with our classes, giving you a chance to give feedback.

    We will finish with each group giving general feedback before closing the circle and going forth into the New year feeling connected to our community and with Freya's keys (the cowslip) ready to open up a whole new season's communications with the nature beings around us.

    It's important to register for this event at the link below if you wish to attend, and the zoom link will be sent by message to all who have registered. 


    This is a free event and is only for school members. 


    We look forward to seeing you there and best wishes for your holiday season. 


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