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  • Primroses by Alex

    March Walkabout in Grá Nádúr gardens

    Our first walkabout in the garden this spring as the plants start to emerge 

    By Plant Medicine School 13 mins

    13 mins

    We ventured out last weekend on Saturday, the 23rd, to walk around the garden with the camera as the plants were stirring. Even this week, we see massive progress in growth after a long, wet winter.  We made a little film, like a slideshow, and Nikki narrated, talking about the plants I had photographed. Now that we are finished building here in Grá Nádúr, we will do a lot of filming of the plant's progress through the year. 


    We hope you enjoy our little film. 




    We are so happy with the new paths in the woods, as we can get in there now through the portal on the right 😁




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