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  • Alex in Grá Nádúr gardens

    Forgotten Local Plants

    An evening discussing some of our native and naturalised herbs that have fallen out of use and deserve closer attention.

    Zoom Recording

    By Alex Duffy 1 hr 20 mins

    1 hr 20 mins

    We will explore the amazing properties of these native plants- Heather, Daisy, Ox eye daisy, Pine, Bugle, Rosebay willowherb, Bramble, Hedge and Marsh Woundwort.

    We will also discover some of the valuable properties of some plants commonly grown as ornamentals- Cistus, Bay, Houttuynia, Clove pink, Immortelle, Dahlias, Bear's Breeches, Myrtle. These plants all have amazing therapeutic properties and deserve to be re-introduced into our materia medical.




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